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The Pennine Cup 2018

[1st July 2018, Albert Park, Middlesbrough. Reporter: Charles Waterfield]

The annual match between the North East (Yorkshire / Croquet North) and the North West Federations took place, for the first time, in Middlesbrough. Furthermore, because of player shortages, it was contested between teams of only four (with the EPL format).

All lawns were in use, the sun shone (too much) and folk enjoyed their lunchtime buns and fruit salad - what's not to enjoy about a day's croquet?

Advanced Doubles:
Derek & Charles beat Robert & Howard +6t

Advanced Singles:
Derek lost to Robert -12
Charles lost to Howard -10t

Handicap Singles:
Nigel beat Paul +9
Julian lost to Garry -5
Nigel beat Garry +17
Julian lost to Paul -16

North West won by 4 - 3